Welcome to LuxePlusLife.com! (Let me introduce myself…;-)

Hello Ladies and Gents!Allow me to introduce myself…Again. Yes…Again. My name is Stephanie. This is not my first attempt in the blogging world, but I am constantly tring to find myself in this world of social media! So I am re-branding from my Old Blog www.fashionMakeupandADoubleLatte.com.  Why the name change? I honestly used to post primarily about Plus Size fashion… However, I’ve gotten older….and my life has shifted a bit. Beauty ha always been in the Mix, and YESSSS I still lust after all types of makeup, but now i am a little more obsessed with skin care. And I still love fashion with every fiber of my being… but I am also super interested in travel. The traveling bug had bit me, and im slowly getting out there more (Specially as a somewhat newely single chic! LOL!). Basically, yall, I want to talk about LIFE! I want to share what i deep as highlights of my life and if I have a low point…ill share it too! So…welcome to LuxePlusLife.com! I hope you are going to Subscribe and come along for the ride! xoxoStephanie        

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