My girl Paris (yes! Mt bathroom is a girl…and has a name! Duh!) has a secret! She is petite with a chic black and white Parisian flair! But…    …Paris has a secret!!! Under her white little trench coat (i.e cabinet) is a HOT MESS CHILE!! I felt Paris needed an intervention (trust me..there was more to this mess then the pic shows…i wasnt going to air out ALL her dirty laundry! Thats not lady like! I will say…she has too much hair stuff…lol! Tip number one empty the entire cabinet and get rid of the extra!  Its easy to throw random stuff under the petticoat…lol! Now…for your guest powder room, keep it simple. Keep extra tissue, lotion, hand soap and other items you would like NOT to have to ask for. Like feminine products for lady guest and baby wipes to freshin up. Now…this isnt my final product, but like me,  you can revamp on yiur budget! My bathroom serves as a powder room and my sometimes master bath (my big master bathroom is upstaires in my Glam Loft) Which brings me to Tip number 2! Use everyday items you already have to organize. A good idea is to use magazine holders to make the unsigtly be unseen! Catorgorize your items in each holder (see photo above) and place in cabinet tall side  faced out. I will end up replacing all of mine with 2 matching boxs for the hair care and beauty items. I used a simple shoe box for combs/Brushes and a black Basket for larger products. Not a huge change…but very simple! Heres the Final (well…till me and Paris go shopping again) product!     Soo….what do you think??? Its not perfect…but a great start!  I will definitely update you guys on what i change! Paris and I have a few things up our sleeve!  Till next time,Be Luxe…be Fabulous!XOXO????-Stephanie 

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