Ok you guys…imma keep this post sweet and simple…because i know your going to want to fix a cocktail afterwards. (Or…go grab one right now…go ahead! I’ll wait…????????????????????????????????????????) One of my best friends (and my photographer) Russell Gilliam from   Ingenious Images Photography ) has a bar. And when I say bar… I mean a black metal bookshelf with his bottles and bitters sitting in it! Lol!  Yeah…I had a rough draft to begin with…Wanna see what it looked like? Here you go!Yup…bottles on a shelf. Just like that. Soooo….step one,  clear off the shelves! My goal was to convert this bookshelf to a polished, yet rustic manly bar for my friend! He hustles super hard and deserves to come home to a nice space to relax!Step 1: Clear it off! Start with a blank surface…clean it, and get rid of any ovious issues….touch up any surface flaws at this point. Step 2: Find your base piece and build around it! I found this rustic metal tray and knew it was perfect! Its copper and matte grat surfaced metal with rustib rope detail! It was $17.99 from AtHome  (Formally Garden Ridge)  Step 3: Add a Seasonal Element. I had a Faux Fur wine holder of which i inserted a clear vase (At Home)…You will see in later photos i added some seasonal red poinsettias! I will get some other flowers as the season changes. Step#4 Begin to add your choice of Barware! We chose copper tones mixed with clear glass and  crystal textures.Wine Holder: unknownDecantor: At Home – 3pc Copper Shaker Set: Bloomingdales– Stand Up Corkscrew: Target  (Flowers i told you about! Add a few bottles and accent pieces for a cozy Bar esthetic…) – “R” Coasters: At Home Cement and Copper Handle holder: $3.99 from At Home– Wine Glasses (already owned) (Close up of Center)   Step 5: Load up the Liquor!! I organize by type and bottle height. I took all his mixers and tucked them away into a large Box and centered on the bottom shelves anchored by some Antique Beer Mugs he was gifted.(Hide the unnecessary stuff…)(Oraganize by Type/ Bottle Height)(Feature whats important) The top shelve is for featuring his better baller glasses, moscow mule copper mugs and a small basket for extra small accesories (and tea-lights for the candle holder). Step 6: Tie the look into the wall.I felt the space needed dimension! I added these rustic framed mirriors (Set of 3/ $12.99 from At Home) in a staggered pattern. It added a classy look to the whole look! I was super happy with them! Who knew $13 would give such look?!?!  So, here is the final look!! I truly love the finished product?? What do you think?? Thank you for going through the process with me! Russell loved it and so do I!  Cheers to the freekin New Year luvs!! Live your best Luxe Life!Xoxo-Steph

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