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    A Valentines Letter… (Featuring JORD Watches)


    Hi Luxe Dolls!


    I am SUPER EXCITED to announce that I am partnering with JORD watches!!! YAY!!!! Whoot Whoot! Ok…now that that’s all out of the way…I thought it would be kind of cool to write a letter to myself for Valentine’s Day. (Since its right around the corner….) When I was in my last relationship, we never made a big deal out of the Holiday. There were sometimes where we exchanged gifts, but it was never a must. This was a long term relationship, therefore it evolved from celebrating every single holiday put forth by the retail industry. I am IN NO WAY SAYING that it’s wrong to celebrate these holidays! I’m just saying that we didn’t put them in a place of Value! That being said…now I’m single….and I think it’s healthy to think about what Valentine’s day means to me or how I would celebrate it either alone or with friends or a significant other. So I decided to write a letter to myself….so here goes.


    Dear Stephanie,


    Over the years you have had someone to share Valentine’s Day with. You two never made it a big deal because after all, you celebrated your love everyday right? 2017 you were alone….but the wound was still fresh. The breakup was new and you chose to ignore the whole day all together. It’s OK girl…I feel you. You had to take baby steps to re-discover yourself.



    This year you’re “alone” for Valentine’s Day and that s perfectly fine. You can actually make a big deal and celebrate the Holiday! Why not?? It’s time to love yourself! Do your makeup…dress a little sexy. Love on yourself…get a massage or treat yourself to a special gift! It’s OK to open a bottle of wine and have a glass (or 2…or 3…)


    On Holidays like this, when you are “alone” its OK to reflect. Ask yourself questions like “If I had a significant other would we do anything special?” or “What is something special that I could buy him that would make him remember this day?!?” or “What would we do to make this day super special?” Of just choose to focus on you…or love on a family member.



    (Can you tell I love This wooden watch and Wine??? See the trend? )



    But girl, I just want you to let you know that either way…YOU ARE FIERCE! You are VIBRANT…you deserve to TREAT YOUR SELF!! (And hun…that wooden watch your wearing…its niiiiiiccceee…. :::WInk Wink:::)



    The one who knows you best,



    Thank you guys for reading my Valentines letter to myself!


    Now…I have a special gift for you! JORD has giving me a special website link for 10% off any purchase (expired 02/25/2018)

    SAVE 10% off!!!


    AND!!! You can enter to win a $100 off code towards a purchase!!! The contest ends February 11th, 2018 at 11:59 pm and the winner has until 02/25/2018 to use their $100 code! CLICK HERE  to enter!!!


    Link to my unboxing Video on Youtube… VIDEO


    Love you Guys as always!




    Click the Picture to purchase my AWESOME Jord Wooden watch! Or…Click HERE



       SHOP PAGESShop Page: https://www.jordwatches.com/shop/#luxepluslifeMen’s Shop Page: https://www.jordwatches.com/shop/men/#luxepluslifeWomen’s Shop Page: https://www.jordwatches.com/shop/women/#luxepluslifeTheir watch:  https://www.jordwatches.com/series/frankie/dark-sandalwood-and-smoke/#luxepluslife*create custom variable with their watch style  Hashtag Wall – All Watches: https://www.jordwatches.com/hashtag/#luxepluslifeHashtag Wall – Frankie: https://www.jordwatches.com/hashtag/frankie/#luxepluslife OUR STORYOur Vision/Mission: https://www.jordwatches.com/our-story/#luxepluslife MATERIALSMaterials – Sandalwood: https://www.jordwatches.com/materials/woods/sandalwood/#luxepluslife Watch Movements: https://www.jordwatches.com/materials/movements/#luxepluslifeWatch Glass: https://www.jordwatches.com/materials/glass/#luxepluslifeWatch Care: https://www.jordwatches.com/care/#luxepluslife EXTRASEngravings: https://www.jordwatches.com/watch-engraving/#luxepluslifeFAQ Page:  https://www.jordwatches.com/frequently-asked-questions/#luxepluslifeAwesome Warranty + Easy Returns: https://www.jordwatches.com/warranty/#luxepluslifeTotally amazing customer service: https://www.jordwatches.com/contact/#luxepluslife        

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    Being Real AF this Sunday.

    You know…as i sit here taking hella responsibility for my life, I feel like it means nothing if I don’t share how I feel. I mean…there might be one or two…maybe 3 people out there who feel like a total failure! I CANT be the only one.  DISCLAIMER: I made decisions and am very much accountable for my mistakes: Most of you get it…the rest of you can F-Off! Yeah….I said it. AND all my 2 Broke Girls Pics were brought to you by a generic Google search, I dont own any of there photos…and neither did they! BOOM!   Yes…I know (Really deep within) that everything happens for a reason. I know that the Self-help gurus tell us to “Stay Positive!!!” and “Be the change you need in your life!”. AND I know that this blog post is basically a pity party and it might be a table for one. I TOTALLY understand of you want to exit stage right. (Wait…at least go and read one of my other fashion post…don’s bail out on me all together…damn). So at this point, your probably like STEPHANIE!!?? WTH is wrong with you? Ok…ok! Well Imma make you a quick list so I don’t waist any on your time! 1) I am broke. I have spent soooooo much that I have miserably failed financially.  If you saw my credit report and my budget, you would probably just me harshly.    2) Im STILL Single after over a year out of my relationship (Keep reading and you will probably know why…)3) Im still Fat. (Its ok to be fat…Its NOT okay to not be happy in your body. YES I can work with what I have…but I don’t want to!)4) I have to work EXTRA hard to maintain my home space. Its not natural for things to be Pintrest and Instagram ready as all times. Sometimes my house is a wreck! (Not Nasty as in dirty… Just Messy and sometimes un-organized)5) I am sooooo unhappy with my job. (I’m off this weekend and have anxiety about going in Monday)6) I have SEVERAL projects that I am behind on. I was making an honest attempt to schedule and plan for my Collabs BUT life and ME got in the freekin way! I’m obsessing about 1-5 which is getting in the way of productivity!) 7) I feel like I’m looking old…and feeling that way as well.8) I have NO SOCIAL LIFE!! Its Work Home Work Home WORK HOME And Work at Home!10) I often feel very alone. Because I don’t let my feelings out a lot, they stack up and I sometimes feel like no one really gets how I feel. 11) Im questioning my pescatarian Lifestyle…it could just be stress…but I would love anything more in life then a 20 Pc Hot with Lemon pepper sprinkles and Spinach Chicken Alfredo Pizza form Papa Johns! 12) I’m on the verge on just saying F$&K IT!! I’m just over it.   So….I would like to make you all happy (Maybe I should have added a #13…Making everyone else happy to keep the peace….hummmm) by saying I am going to take all these frustrations  and turn them into motivation to make thing better!!! (((INSERT big old cheezy face equipped with open eyes and fake smile….and 2 thumbs up!))). But honestly…im not there yet. (AND my Papa Johns Cart is still in tact…with my Discover card Payment info filled in…all I need to do is press “Submit Order”)   I sent a chat to my lovely neice…she was loss or words. But when someone as I feels like this, theres nothing really to say, Sometimes we dont need a pep talk. We don’t want “Tough Love”. We just need to be. Unfortunatly, my mind spinns like this often…sometimes more rapidly then others. Sometimes I cry so much I cant catch my breath. Sometimes I have to walk into work with my head down because my eyes are swolen and red, only to have to turn on “Joyful Manager Stephanie”. Its tiring. Its daunting, Its my life. 

    Now that I have laid it all out here…I hope that it dosent turn into a bash me session. I HOPE someone reads this and knows that the feelings they have ARE VALID. They are REAL. They are ACCEPTABLE. The only lesson I want to give you is to keep pushing through it. Its how you react to this clusterfuck of feelings. We can have them….but we cant bathe in them for long.  Will Life still trow you and I curve balls??? Absofreekenlutly! But I have to keep practicing how to keep moving forward! Thats the key…Keep practicing on being better then 5 mins ago. Keep practicing on how to learn from each mistake and know mistakes that keep repeating are habbits! Bad Habbits, unlike promises, are meant to be broken.  Practice makes perfect (Well…not perfect…but closer to bad bitch status) In case no one has told you today,I LOVE YOU!!! TTYS Luxe Babes! xoxo ~Stephanie  

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    Let’s get V-Day Ready With Curvy Sense!

    Hey Luxe Dolls! !!! Valentines Day is right around the corner and if you want to look good for yourself of your significant other, I GOT YOU COVERED!!! I am honored to be able to work with Curvy Sense and who sent a few Items to show you!  I’ve prepared 3 Looks that will Take you from a Valentines Brunch to a night out on the town! Curvy Sense has a variety of Items, but they seriously ROCK in the Dress Dept! We will get there…I Promise! But First, let me show you my casual and Cute Brunch look!   “Marilyn” Off the Shoulder Sweater I chose the Dusty Pink “Marilyn” off the shoulder Sweater. It is soft and very light weight (More like a knit). Is is nice quality. its lightly ribbed and has a simple, yet romantic quality about it. I paired Marilyn with a edgy destroyed Lace-up bottom jeans for the perfect contrast! I topped off this look with a pair of Leather pumps from Lane Bryant and a tassel Clutch from JustFab.  PLUS SIZE DESTROYED LACE UP BOTTOM JEANS – DARK WASH  Lace up detail is FIRE!    ACCESORIZE!!! Leather Heals- Lane Bryant Collection (Past Season)  Pink Hat- Wal-Mart.com Suede Fringe Handbag- Vince Camuto (Past Season)   Ok…Some of us ladies might have a Dinner date! I have the Perfect dress for you! This Bandage Mesh Cut-out Dress is sleeveless and has a sexy peek-a-boo cutout under the bust line that shows the perfect amount of skin! It’s above the knee so you can choose to show off those legs (Like I did) or wear a pair of Thigh-high boots for those chilly evenings. The dress features a shadow-like horizontal texture. The burgundy color is the perfect in-between hue if you don’t want to wear pink or red!  I paired this dress with the same clutch as the outfit above from JustFab, and a pair of Faux-Suede tie up platform heals (Ailani) from JustFab as well!  Burgundy Bandage Mesh Cut-out Dress  Ok…my last look is perfect for that “I don’t need a man and me and my girls are going to turn up! This Mixed Media faux leather bodycon dress! Its is very lightweight, but the tailoring is perfect! the seaming is very slimming and the design is edgy, yet sexy!  I paired this dress with a fuchia pair of Fuchsia JustFab  “Venezia” Pump and a thin black choker. Add a black clutch and your good to go!PLUS SIZE FAUX LEATHER BODYCON DRESS – BLACK SO!!! How do you like my looks???  I swear Curvy Sense is one of the best places for cute clothes and HOT dresses! They have so many to choose from you might just get in trouble! But once again…I GOT YOU!! Use my special code LUXE15 for my Luxe Dolls and save 15% off your entire purchase! Hurry! Get your Valentines looks in check girl! I gave you a code so what are you waiting for!  Till next time Luxe Dolls! xoxo~Stephanie 

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    Were you Naughty or "Bryce" in 2017?

    Hi Dolls! Question: Were you a plain black pump last year? Were you that go-to flat or your old faithful sneaker? Well, if you said yes, thats ok! That dosent put you on the naughty list! Most of us, as human beings, gravitate towards a safe life and safe options that feel comfortable. Its completely normal! But sometimes, I advise you to tuck your conservative black pump mentality away and be the shoe with shine…With texture…with PERSONALITY! Speaking of personality, meet Shoedazzle’s “Bryce”  This shoe reminded me to step out of my comfort zone (I mean…they are comphy! I promise!) and walk into 2018 taking more risks. I need to mix it up a bit! Show the world that im not just another black pump!  So let’s all learn from Bryce! Kick back, be EXTRA, and 2018 won’t be ready for us!!  Join me on ShoeDazzle  and get Bryce or choose from many other fabulous styles for a STEAL!! Live a Luxe Life! Xoxo-Stephanie