Hi Dolls! Question: Were you a plain black pump last year? Were you that go-to flat or your old faithful sneaker? Well, if you said yes, thats ok! That dosent put you on the naughty list! Most of us, as human beings, gravitate towards a safe life and safe options that feel comfortable. Its completely normal! But sometimes, I advise you to tuck your conservative black pump mentality away and be the shoe with shine…With texture…with PERSONALITY! Speaking of personality, meet Shoedazzle’s “Bryce”  This shoe reminded me to step out of my comfort zone (I mean…they are comphy! I promise!) and walk into 2018 taking more risks. I need to mix it up a bit! Show the world that im not just another black pump!  So let’s all learn from Bryce! Kick back, be EXTRA, and 2018 won’t be ready for us!!  Join me on ShoeDazzle  and get Bryce or choose from many other fabulous styles for a STEAL!! Live a Luxe Life! Xoxo-Stephanie 

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