Bonjour Luxe Babes! By the title, you would think that I finally got to live out my dream and took a trip to Paris…right?? Well…although that will remain on my bucket list, That did’nt quite happen! LOL! As you guys know, I am an Atlanta native and we are know for having an amazing food preseance as well as a pretty nice night-life!  I, personally am super lame and don’t partake too much in the nightlife (which I will be making an effort to do so…but hunny, that will be in a whole different blog post! LOL!) Anyway…Me and my girl Liz decided we would go have a casual brunch at this adorable spot she heard of! I was game, because yall know im a foodie all day errrrrr day! First, lets talk about the restaurant itself! Its an adorable little spot in the Kirkwood area, nestled  downtown Atlanta. It’s called Le Petit Marche, which translates to “The Little Market”.  This area is full of small businesses, historical buildings and beautifully renovated homes. Here’s a little information form their site about their owner (And YES! Its Black owned! Score!!!) and how the restaurant came to be:“Established in 2008, the Little Market started as a true market complete with fresh breads, cheeses, pestos, unique locally-made pantry items and flavor-packed sandwiches, soups and salads. 

As the economy worsened in 2008, the focus of the market shifted from mostly retail to prepared foods. That decision was the turning point for this little gem.

Winning several “Best of…” awards, Le Petit Marché continues to attract people from all over making it not only a neighborhood hangout but a destination for delectable breakfast and lunch.

“It’s always a good idea to have a Plan B” says Marche Sparks, owner of Le Petit Marché in downtown Kirkwood. Amidst the worst recession of our time, Sparks was given the opportunity to realize her dream of owning a gourmet market and cafe.

From the beginning, it seemed failure was imminent. “So many times I cried wondering why we hadn’t had a single customer in hours.” So, with some tweaking of her business model and really addressing the needs of the community, the market gained momentum. “It’s the little market that could” she says as lines sometimes reach the door and tables are filled inside and out.

With “Pop” greeting customers and telling great stories and Mom whipping up mouth-watering soups everyday, Le Petit Marché is intoxicatingly familiar…it’s home.”




When we I first entered, I felt immediately felt a warm and cozy vibe! It was a simple, yet charming atmosphere. I skimmed the menu (As I always do…) prior to arriving so I kinda knew what I wanted. Once your inside, there was a hutch with a selection of gourmet items and oh-so cute branded tumblers and mugs! (Which I forgot to pick up one on my way out! I could have kicked myself!) 





Then you head to the cashier to place your number (They work off of the Table number system, which keeps it simple and easy for everyone!) There is a fridge with drinks or you can choose to utilize the coffee bar area. 






 You cant help but get lost in the light and airy, yet warm ambiance! My food came pretty quickly, so I didn’t have a chance to snap too many photos…but I did catch a glance of the lovely photos on the way before me…I’m assuming its “Mom and Pop” from the excerpt from the site above. It’s nice to see an establishment infused with History! From the charm of the lantern light fixtures, the ornate chandelier and the vintage plate arrangement on the wall… No wonder this is a go-to spot for the locals!


    Ok…I know someone out there is probably like “Get on with the food already! So here we go!!!  I choose “The Grits Stack”                                                                                   The Grits StackThe Grit StackCreamy grits topped with scrambled eggs, cheddar, marinated shrimp and pork bacon. Substitute Delia’s chicken sausage or veggie sausage for bacon or shrimp at no charge. Served with wheat toast!  This Grit Bowl was a perfectly Savory and very filling! The great thing about this, you can customize it to your dietary preferences! It was the epitome of comfort food! I left with a warm, full feeling in my tummy! Awesomeness!   My Girl Liz got the “French Toast Sandwich”! OMG!  When they brought it out I have to say it made my mouth water!  French Toast SandwichVanilla-rum battered french toast, scrambled eggs, with your choice of bacon, Delia’s chicken sausage or veggie sausage all drizzled with warm buttery syrup.*(2nd Photo is from the site) It simply a ooey-gooey French Toast breakfast in Sandwich formation! Its the perfect mix of that sweet and salty that a lot of crave and it makes the perfect brunch plate! and the sprinkle or Powdered sugar closes the deal! Highly suggested!  So, bottom line is, I really recommend Le Petit Marche’ for a cute and comphy brunch spot! I haven’t had a chance to partake any of the Lunch (Which I will return to do so…most definatly!) The service is warm and friendly (And Quick) and the culture is summed up in one word: Community. I hope you get to visit this cute little place if your a local or visiting!  That’s all Luxe Dolls!xoxo~Stephanie 

Le Petit Marché

1984 Hosea L. Williams Drive
Atlanta, GA 30317
Phone: 404.371.9888E-mail:                           

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