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    1 Plaid Shirt, Styled 3 ways

    Hi Luxe Babes!

    One of Fall’s Biggest trends is plaid! Now…I will say that I am not surprised! In the south, we are certainly not a stranger to this print! It’s a fall staple and I love how this print can be dressed up and down! Note: I wanted to do a office look, but I didn’t bring the correct shoes to the shoot, So it ended up being more of a casual Friday look! BUT you will see that look at a later date! If you follow my Instagram, I posted a Metallic skirt by GAP that I’m so in love with, and I plan to style it with this plaid! 

    The Shirt
    The Shirt I chose to use is a Soft Yoke neckline Plaid top by Max Studio. I purchased this from Marshalls 2 Seasons ago, but usually you can find a variation of this shirt every year. It has rolled-Tab sleeves which allows it to be a super transitional piece. It runs between $19.99 to $29.99 at Marshalls. Of course, you can use any regular shmegular plaid top of your choice to complete these looks! 

    Look #1: Urban Chic
    The first look I ended up doing was a Urban Chic look, which is simple, yet a younger approach. I Pulled my hair up in a youthful half-Up/Half-Down look. I Tied up the top at the waist and paired it with a very distressed pair of skinny jeans (Random pair from ROSS) and a clean Lace-up pair of Suede wedges (Click here for a Similar pair) I love this look because its not doing too much ans the Tan color of the booties gives me that “Tims” vibe!

    Urban Chic
    Urban Chic


    Look #2: Bonfire Cozy
    Ok…this look was my favorite look of them! This look screams southern girl ready for spiked Hot Chocolate and smores by a bonfire! I let my hair loose so it could literally Blow in the fall wind! I unrolled the sleeves and Layered over a Faux Sherpa Vest from Target (Past Season).  I chose a medium Blue pair of denim by the brand Curve Appeal I Purchased at Marshall’s, But I Got yall! I found them in HSN for $19.99! Click Here to purchase?! The boots are past Season too…But they are from JustFab, I Found a Wide-Calf pair that are similar, but there are many variations for this outdoorsy boot! (Click Here


    Bonfire Babe!
    BonFire Babe!

    Look #3: Casual Friday
    This look, with the same jeans from the 2nd look, I tucked in this shirt and layered this awesome Faux Suede Drape coat from JustFab! It’s very Chic and fairly warm! It has stretch in the fabric (Similar to a heavier scuba weight) so Its very comfy when layering! I HATE wearing coats in the winter because I feel constricted, but this overcoat is very easy to wear! The Boots….THE BOOTS!!! They were purchases on QVC (I Believe) but I found them here on google for your purchasing pleasure! They are in the color “Deep Sugar Plum” and are a pretty Suede with fringe detail to die for! AND they come in Wide Width!!! Whaaaaattt!?!?!? They feel luxe on your feet hunny! The Bag is Italian and was purchased from Marshall’s. 

    Casual Friday



    Well, that’s it for now! Im super excited it is FINALLY starting to feel like fall here in Georgia! The temperature is dropping and nights are definitely cooler! What was your Favorite Outfit? Is Plaid a staple in your Fall wardrobe? Comment below!

    Till next time Luxe Babes!


    Photo Credit: Russell Gilliam of www.ingeniousImages.com


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    3 Tips on how to shop at Rainbow as a Plus Size Woman!

    Hey Luxe Babes! 

    I wanted to share with you a couple of items that I purchased from from Rainbow Apparel, as well as 3 tips on how to choose what to order! I will be honest…I have for a long time, ruled out Rainbow because I felt that the clothing was basically disposable clothing, which tends not to look good on what I call a “Perfect Plus Size” Body Types.

    Let me explain. I feel like if you are not a “Perfect Plus” size person, its hard not to look sloppy in clothing. I define “Perfect Plus” as someone who has a smooth curvy frame, most of the time your an hourglass in shape. This person has very few prominent  rolls, lumps and bumps. Now I AM IN NO WAY SAYING what I call a “Perfect Plus” frame is better then, well, any other frame. I coined that phrase/description for the average model that you see in Ads and on websites. Sadly…a lot of fit models are that perfect plus shape as well, and thats IF that brand even has a Fit Model!  I know i’m still going to get some backlash about using the term “Perfect” but…well…ummmm…FIGHT ME! lol!

    Anywho!!!! Let’s get back to the point. Rainbow came through for your sis!! I ordered only 3 items (Ya girl is on a tight budget!) and 2 out of 3 were perfect! Not Bad huh?

    Know the difference between JUNIOR PLUS and REGULAR Plus BEFORE Before you even start adding to the cart! I would definitely say the Rainbow leans more to Junior Plus…SO Size Up babes!!

    Ok… (Steps off of soap box…) LegGO!


    Tip 1: Try to choose a great basic!

    If you purchase a pair of cheaper denim, in a lot of cases, the more distressing, whickering, embellishments it had, the cheaper it look! Now, I will say, Rainbow has some super cute distressed Jeans, but PLEASE, I beg of you, be carefull! I got a basic pair of jeans that I have already got sooooooo much use out of! They fit so well (Size 20) and I like the medium weight of them. They are made by Almost Famous ($22.99). They have just enough stretch to accommodate my fluffy waist as well as my very curvy thighs and legs. The length is perfect for a simple small roll of the cuff to show off a sandal or a bootie or you can wear it full length. The color is a medium Blue with a flattering grained denim finish (Makes them look more Luxe) and does not have a whole lot of unnecessary over-the-top shading and whiskering! Ill create another post talking about what I look for in jeans…but there are my new favorite Jean! 

    Almost Famous Push Up Jeans
    Almost Famous Push Up Jeans
    Almost Famous Push Up Jeans
    Almost Famous Push Up Jeans



    Tip #2: Pay Attention to Fabric.

     The 2nd Item I purchased was this super cute cotton wrap top! I purchased a Size 3x because my upper arms are usually a trouble area to fit, and I felt like I could always tighten the wrap feature. I’m so glad I did because it was a perfect fit (With no room for error! LOL!)! I feel like because this was a cotton fabric, it looked and felt more expensive then it was. Some polyester fabrics tend to look a little cheezy, specially if its that shiny poly! SO please pay attention to Finishes of the fabric. Read the description and zoom in honey!! 





    A Few Full Body Photos! (Shoes: Vince Camuto)


    Rainbow Red Bell Sleeved Top with Almost Famous Jeans


    Tip #3: Know that everything might not work!
    Rainbow Plus Size Tie Waist Duster
    Rainbow Plus Size Tie waist Duster (Sold Out)
    The 3rd item I ordered is this cute Duster! I saw another Youtuber (Shainna from A Thick Girls Closet! Subscribe to her, shes awesome!). She looked super cute in it! But she is smaller in her arm region, that’s why I Sized up (Purchased a 3x). NOPE! Did Not work! So ill just either sell it (Its sold out online) Or hold on to it to see if I could fit in in at a later date. I’m SO trying not to do that because I am a “Ill get into it soon” hoarder! LOL! but I’ll insert a stock photo of it. Its too cute!
    Understand that shopping online can be a gamble sometimes BUT if you only shop brick and Mortar (Whats in stores) you are seriously limiting your self!
    Don’t say I didn’t tell you… Momma told you…(Insert Cardi. B Child Meme)


    I Hope these 3 tips (Specially the Bonus tip) help you navigate and choose wisely pertaining Rainbows Plus Size section. Of course you can ventur in store to shop, but I will say online carries a Waaaaayyyyy more vast Plus Size collection! When you get a good feel about sizing and material that a site carries, you will feel better about taking more shopping risks the 2nd or 3rd time around!  You can use these tips at any other lower priced retailer! Let me know what you think about the items I chose! Should I do another Rainbow Haul?? I would love to hear your thoughts so comment below!
    Till Next Time Luxe Babes!
    Photo Credit: Russell Gilliam of Ingenious Images Photography
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    Welcome Luxe Babes!!!

    Hello Luxe Babes!

    I know your like…what is happening?? Where are all the post?

    Well…I switched platforms! I switched from WIX to WordPress.org (Hosted by DreamHost).I felt like I wasn’t having any luck attracting new readers on WIX and wasn’t as searchable as well. It was recommended that I move my Domain to WordPress.org because I still would have creative freedom AND It works better with Googles algorithm.

    But ANYWAY!  I have not yet figured out how to move anything from my WIX site. (If you know something I don’t know…help a sister out!)

    So Please, re-subscribe and share!

    Ill get these post moved here as soon as I can Luvs!

    Till Next Time Luxe Babes!



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    Did you miss my New York and Company Haul??

    Hi loves! Just a quick check in! Life is super busy and im tring to drum up some great new content fot you!  In the meanwhile, don’t forget to check out my last Try-on haul from New York and Company! I tried some streight sized and plus size options for us!  New York and Company Plus Size Try-on Haul!    Till next time Luxe Dolls! Xoxo????-Stephanie 

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    Vacation Ready Plus Size Dresses! Featuring Fab N Thick Boutique!

    Hi Luxe Babes!!  Ok…it’s summer time, and you know what that means!  Vacations, rooftop dinners and out door events! I have some  looks  from Fab And Thick Boutique that will make you say “Im Ready, Lets go!” Fab and Thick Boutique is an online boutique that has sophisticated and sexy plus-size options. The line is also featured in a brick and mortar boutique in McDonough Georgia! I will be sure to give you all the Deets at the end of the post!And girl…I know you might want to save a few coins! So I teamed up with the Fab And Thick Team and I got you 10% off till June 16th! The code will be at the end of this post! Lets get started! (Note: Links to All Fab N Thick Boutique are in PINK)     This First Dress is the “White Split Peek-A-Boo Dress” The first thing I thought when I saw this was DESTINATION BEACH WEDDING!! Or in a less Stephanie dramatic tone…poolside anyone? In this piece, you get to show off those legs and let the wind move you! This gives me all the Beach Feels!!!     The Second dress is the “White Khloe Split Dress” This dress is a perfect merge of Sexy and sophisticated! It’s perfect for that rooftop dinner or if for you to show out at an all white party! (And Yes! Im serving some serious attitude!) White Wedges (Past Season): Bloomingdales           Ok…I was SUPER excited to find a Romper that worked with my body!! This Coral Wrap Romper is perfect for a casual brunch that leads to a Fantastic Shopping trip! (I’m going to Vegas so I can literally see myself in this for some shenanigans! I love the Faux-wrap look because it hides my inner thighs as I walk! Yall… It’s literally perfect!  Shoes (Past Season): JustFab                   This Next Mustard Maxi Dress gives me such a Island Breezy feel! Its flowy (And forgiving) and is perfect for casual sight-seeing,  Lunch or even a pool-side perfect cover up! Its Gauzy fabric will keep you cool, calm and collected! Wedges (Past Season): JustFab  | Leather Fringe Cross Body Bag (Past Season): Ralph Lauren        So this One-piece Magenta One-Shoulder Jumper is so out of my comfort zone BUT I feel like I rocked the Hell out of it! First, this is my favorite color! Second, The one shoulder design is so flattering! I added some jewels and matching shoe for the perfect and elongating Monochromatic look! This look is perfect for a night out! Trust me…They ain’t ready! “Makemba” Heel: JustFab | Necklace: Target (Not Available) | Stripped Clutch (Not Available): Yoins      Last, but not least, Is this Navy Tropical Cold Shoulder Dress! I decided to rock this one as a dress and as a top! For my mini-dress look, I added a pair of Turquoise Heels from  and a Small Tan cross-body bag. For the Top/Tunic Version, I paired it with distressed jeans and some fun sandals! Great Day to Dinner look! Vivica Heal: JustFab and  Tan Mini Crossbody Bag/ Fabric Bangals: Poshmark       See!!! Don’t  these pieces make you want to go catch a flight?? I told you Doll!!!  And as promised, Use Code LuxeBabe10 and Save 10% off your total order!Coupon Code Valid till Saturday, June 16th, 2018!  Here are the ways to shop these looks! Web: FabNThickBoutiqueInstagram: @FabNThickBoutiqueFacebook: FabNThick Some Items are Available in a local Boutique! Speaking Pieces Boutique226 Jonesboro Road
    McDonough, Georgia 30248
      It’s been real Luxe Dolls and Gents!Till Next time! xoxo~Stephanie   Instagram: @LuxePlusLifeBlogFacebook: LuxePlusLifeTwitter: @LuxePlusLife Special Thanks to my Photographer Russell Gilliam of Ingenious Images!Web: Ingenious Images PhotographyFollow him on Instagram @Ingenious_Images_ig  

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    My Keto Crack Down! (12lbs Down)

    Long time no write! No Excuses here other then life getting in the way! I just wanted to let you know what I have been up to lately in regards to self-maintenance.  I arrived to my all-time highest weight. I stepped on the scale and saw a whopping 296 lbs and immediately dropped my head in disbelief. My body is shaped in a way that once I’m above about 270…weigh gain/loss becomes a blur. When I say this, I mean it fluctuates so much that I start to just expect that some jeans might not fit this month…of that certain top that wasn’t so snug in the bust-line area!   I simply just can’t do it anymore! I literally felt heavy…walking up the stairs winded me. I was running out of clothes that fit. Although I encourage people to love themselves the way they are, in this moment, how can you possibly be content when you feel unhealthy?  So for those who know, I was pescatarian  for about 8 Months. It was an easy lifestyle change for me, but eventually I began to crave carbs (sweets, Pasta, bread…etc.) that I never craved in the past. I am in no way saying that this is normal for this particular way of eating, this is just what happened for me! I needed something with structure….something that makes me say NO to all the carbs that cause my body to easily gain weight, I’ve been successful with Low-Carb in the past, so this time around, I have decided to go to a Ketogenic (High Fat, Moderate Protein and Very Low carb) way of life. I started Sunday, May 6th at 294 lbs and as of Today, May 23rd, I’m 182 ish (I’m a woman… so of course my weight fluctuates during the Day.) I don’t think I am if full Ketosis as of yet, I’m still getting the hang of my Macro (Protein, fat and Carbohydrates) needs. I’m still having some sugar cravings…but I find them easy to get over. I find that as long as I keep my Fat content up, I stay full longer (Thank GOD!!!)I hope to be in Full Ketosis by Week 4 and slowly start to incorporate Intermittent fasting.  Here are a few Youtube Channels that Im subscribed to that has awesome info on a Keto Lifestyle! 1: The Keto Diet- The Heathful Pursuit : https://www.youtube.com/user/healthfulpursuit 2: Goody Beats: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfLrsGeU0MJNw8o5aDdt5Bw 3: Keto Connect: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzRYivTpUQ0r2qPPjfLoQiA I will definitely try to keep you guys updated on my progress! My short term goal is to be at 270 by the end of June so when I get on that plane to Vagas, Ill be ready to “Turn Up!” LOL!!!!! (Ya’ll pray for me!!! LOL!) I’ll take any encouragement (And Im doing this Keto thing so DO NOT try to change my mind!  I WILL CUT YOU! RUDE! (SNL Referance…lol!)  Till Next time Luxe Dolls!!!Live Luxe, Define Plus and Live Life! xoxo ~Stephanie          

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    Simple D.I.Y $3 Glam Floral Arrangement!

    Hey Luxe Babes! I wanted to show you how to make inexpensive  floral accent arrangements. I used cotton balls to keep them from shifting as much, solely because I wanted it to be non-permanent in case i wanted to do a quick color change.  You could spend another dollar or so and hot glue a foam base to stick your flowers in. I find that its not necessary for smaller arrangements, but its totally an option! So here’s a quick pictorial on how to make this cute little glam baby!   (Flower Bunch and Mercury glass container came from Walmart ) If you decide to try this, please tag me in a photo!! (All my social media info is on the blogs main page!????) I constructed D.I.Y for Vanessa West, my Real Estate Agent. Visit her Facebook page for more information on Home buying, budgeting and Home related tips! Till next time Luxe Babes!???? XoxoStephanie  

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    Brunch Chronicles | Le Petit Marche'

    Bonjour Luxe Babes! By the title, you would think that I finally got to live out my dream and took a trip to Paris…right?? Well…although that will remain on my bucket list, That did’nt quite happen! LOL! As you guys know, I am an Atlanta native and we are know for having an amazing food preseance as well as a pretty nice night-life!  I, personally am super lame and don’t partake too much in the nightlife (which I will be making an effort to do so…but hunny, that will be in a whole different blog post! LOL!) Anyway…Me and my girl Liz decided we would go have a casual brunch at this adorable spot she heard of! I was game, because yall know im a foodie all day errrrrr day! First, lets talk about the restaurant itself! Its an adorable little spot in the Kirkwood area, nestled  downtown Atlanta. It’s called Le Petit Marche, which translates to “The Little Market”.  This area is full of small businesses, historical buildings and beautifully renovated homes. Here’s a little information form their site about their owner (And YES! Its Black owned! Score!!!) and how the restaurant came to be:“Established in 2008, the Little Market started as a true market complete with fresh breads, cheeses, pestos, unique locally-made pantry items and flavor-packed sandwiches, soups and salads. 

    As the economy worsened in 2008, the focus of the market shifted from mostly retail to prepared foods. That decision was the turning point for this little gem.

    Winning several “Best of…” awards, Le Petit Marché continues to attract people from all over making it not only a neighborhood hangout but a destination for delectable breakfast and lunch.

    “It’s always a good idea to have a Plan B” says Marche Sparks, owner of Le Petit Marché in downtown Kirkwood. Amidst the worst recession of our time, Sparks was given the opportunity to realize her dream of owning a gourmet market and cafe.

    From the beginning, it seemed failure was imminent. “So many times I cried wondering why we hadn’t had a single customer in hours.” So, with some tweaking of her business model and really addressing the needs of the community, the market gained momentum. “It’s the little market that could” she says as lines sometimes reach the door and tables are filled inside and out.

    With “Pop” greeting customers and telling great stories and Mom whipping up mouth-watering soups everyday, Le Petit Marché is intoxicatingly familiar…it’s home.”




    When we I first entered, I felt immediately felt a warm and cozy vibe! It was a simple, yet charming atmosphere. I skimmed the menu (As I always do…) prior to arriving so I kinda knew what I wanted. Once your inside, there was a hutch with a selection of gourmet items and oh-so cute branded tumblers and mugs! (Which I forgot to pick up one on my way out! I could have kicked myself!) 





    Then you head to the cashier to place your number (They work off of the Table number system, which keeps it simple and easy for everyone!) There is a fridge with drinks or you can choose to utilize the coffee bar area. 






     You cant help but get lost in the light and airy, yet warm ambiance! My food came pretty quickly, so I didn’t have a chance to snap too many photos…but I did catch a glance of the lovely photos on the way before me…I’m assuming its “Mom and Pop” from the excerpt from the site above. It’s nice to see an establishment infused with History! From the charm of the lantern light fixtures, the ornate chandelier and the vintage plate arrangement on the wall… No wonder this is a go-to spot for the locals!


        Ok…I know someone out there is probably like “Get on with the food already! So here we go!!!  I choose “The Grits Stack”                                                                                   The Grits StackThe Grit StackCreamy grits topped with scrambled eggs, cheddar, marinated shrimp and pork bacon. Substitute Delia’s chicken sausage or veggie sausage for bacon or shrimp at no charge. Served with wheat toast!  This Grit Bowl was a perfectly Savory and very filling! The great thing about this, you can customize it to your dietary preferences! It was the epitome of comfort food! I left with a warm, full feeling in my tummy! Awesomeness!   My Girl Liz got the “French Toast Sandwich”! OMG!  When they brought it out I have to say it made my mouth water!  French Toast SandwichVanilla-rum battered french toast, scrambled eggs, with your choice of bacon, Delia’s chicken sausage or veggie sausage all drizzled with warm buttery syrup.*(2nd Photo is from the site) It simply a ooey-gooey French Toast breakfast in Sandwich formation! Its the perfect mix of that sweet and salty that a lot of crave and it makes the perfect brunch plate! and the sprinkle or Powdered sugar closes the deal! Highly suggested!  So, bottom line is, I really recommend Le Petit Marche’ for a cute and comphy brunch spot! I haven’t had a chance to partake any of the Lunch (Which I will return to do so…most definatly!) The service is warm and friendly (And Quick) and the culture is summed up in one word: Community. I hope you get to visit this cute little place if your a local or visiting!  That’s all Luxe Dolls!xoxo~Stephanie 

    Le Petit Marché

    1984 Hosea L. Williams Drive
    Atlanta, GA 30317
    Phone: 404.371.9888E-mail: info@lepetitmarche.net                           

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    A Valentines Letter… (Featuring JORD Watches)


    Hi Luxe Dolls!


    I am SUPER EXCITED to announce that I am partnering with JORD watches!!! YAY!!!! Whoot Whoot! Ok…now that that’s all out of the way…I thought it would be kind of cool to write a letter to myself for Valentine’s Day. (Since its right around the corner….) When I was in my last relationship, we never made a big deal out of the Holiday. There were sometimes where we exchanged gifts, but it was never a must. This was a long term relationship, therefore it evolved from celebrating every single holiday put forth by the retail industry. I am IN NO WAY SAYING that it’s wrong to celebrate these holidays! I’m just saying that we didn’t put them in a place of Value! That being said…now I’m single….and I think it’s healthy to think about what Valentine’s day means to me or how I would celebrate it either alone or with friends or a significant other. So I decided to write a letter to myself….so here goes.


    Dear Stephanie,


    Over the years you have had someone to share Valentine’s Day with. You two never made it a big deal because after all, you celebrated your love everyday right? 2017 you were alone….but the wound was still fresh. The breakup was new and you chose to ignore the whole day all together. It’s OK girl…I feel you. You had to take baby steps to re-discover yourself.



    This year you’re “alone” for Valentine’s Day and that s perfectly fine. You can actually make a big deal and celebrate the Holiday! Why not?? It’s time to love yourself! Do your makeup…dress a little sexy. Love on yourself…get a massage or treat yourself to a special gift! It’s OK to open a bottle of wine and have a glass (or 2…or 3…)


    On Holidays like this, when you are “alone” its OK to reflect. Ask yourself questions like “If I had a significant other would we do anything special?” or “What is something special that I could buy him that would make him remember this day?!?” or “What would we do to make this day super special?” Of just choose to focus on you…or love on a family member.



    (Can you tell I love This wooden watch and Wine??? See the trend? )



    But girl, I just want you to let you know that either way…YOU ARE FIERCE! You are VIBRANT…you deserve to TREAT YOUR SELF!! (And hun…that wooden watch your wearing…its niiiiiiccceee…. :::WInk Wink:::)



    The one who knows you best,



    Thank you guys for reading my Valentines letter to myself!


    Now…I have a special gift for you! JORD has giving me a special website link for 10% off any purchase (expired 02/25/2018)

    SAVE 10% off!!!


    AND!!! You can enter to win a $100 off code towards a purchase!!! The contest ends February 11th, 2018 at 11:59 pm and the winner has until 02/25/2018 to use their $100 code! CLICK HERE  to enter!!!


    Link to my unboxing Video on Youtube… VIDEO


    Love you Guys as always!




    Click the Picture to purchase my AWESOME Jord Wooden watch! Or…Click HERE



       SHOP PAGESShop Page: https://www.jordwatches.com/shop/#luxepluslifeMen’s Shop Page: https://www.jordwatches.com/shop/men/#luxepluslifeWomen’s Shop Page: https://www.jordwatches.com/shop/women/#luxepluslifeTheir watch:  https://www.jordwatches.com/series/frankie/dark-sandalwood-and-smoke/#luxepluslife*create custom variable with their watch style  Hashtag Wall – All Watches: https://www.jordwatches.com/hashtag/#luxepluslifeHashtag Wall – Frankie: https://www.jordwatches.com/hashtag/frankie/#luxepluslife OUR STORYOur Vision/Mission: https://www.jordwatches.com/our-story/#luxepluslife MATERIALSMaterials – Sandalwood: https://www.jordwatches.com/materials/woods/sandalwood/#luxepluslife Watch Movements: https://www.jordwatches.com/materials/movements/#luxepluslifeWatch Glass: https://www.jordwatches.com/materials/glass/#luxepluslifeWatch Care: https://www.jordwatches.com/care/#luxepluslife EXTRASEngravings: https://www.jordwatches.com/watch-engraving/#luxepluslifeFAQ Page:  https://www.jordwatches.com/frequently-asked-questions/#luxepluslifeAwesome Warranty + Easy Returns: https://www.jordwatches.com/warranty/#luxepluslifeTotally amazing customer service: https://www.jordwatches.com/contact/#luxepluslife        

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    Being Real AF this Sunday.

    You know…as i sit here taking hella responsibility for my life, I feel like it means nothing if I don’t share how I feel. I mean…there might be one or two…maybe 3 people out there who feel like a total failure! I CANT be the only one.  DISCLAIMER: I made decisions and am very much accountable for my mistakes: Most of you get it…the rest of you can F-Off! Yeah….I said it. AND all my 2 Broke Girls Pics were brought to you by a generic Google search, I dont own any of there photos…and neither did they! BOOM!   Yes…I know (Really deep within) that everything happens for a reason. I know that the Self-help gurus tell us to “Stay Positive!!!” and “Be the change you need in your life!”. AND I know that this blog post is basically a pity party and it might be a table for one. I TOTALLY understand of you want to exit stage right. (Wait…at least go and read one of my other fashion post…don’s bail out on me all together…damn). So at this point, your probably like STEPHANIE!!?? WTH is wrong with you? Ok…ok! Well Imma make you a quick list so I don’t waist any on your time! 1) I am broke. I have spent soooooo much that I have miserably failed financially.  If you saw my credit report and my budget, you would probably just me harshly.    2) Im STILL Single after over a year out of my relationship (Keep reading and you will probably know why…)3) Im still Fat. (Its ok to be fat…Its NOT okay to not be happy in your body. YES I can work with what I have…but I don’t want to!)4) I have to work EXTRA hard to maintain my home space. Its not natural for things to be Pintrest and Instagram ready as all times. Sometimes my house is a wreck! (Not Nasty as in dirty… Just Messy and sometimes un-organized)5) I am sooooo unhappy with my job. (I’m off this weekend and have anxiety about going in Monday)6) I have SEVERAL projects that I am behind on. I was making an honest attempt to schedule and plan for my Collabs BUT life and ME got in the freekin way! I’m obsessing about 1-5 which is getting in the way of productivity!) 7) I feel like I’m looking old…and feeling that way as well.8) I have NO SOCIAL LIFE!! Its Work Home Work Home WORK HOME And Work at Home!10) I often feel very alone. Because I don’t let my feelings out a lot, they stack up and I sometimes feel like no one really gets how I feel. 11) Im questioning my pescatarian Lifestyle…it could just be stress…but I would love anything more in life then a 20 Pc Hot with Lemon pepper sprinkles and Spinach Chicken Alfredo Pizza form Papa Johns! 12) I’m on the verge on just saying F$&K IT!! I’m just over it.   So….I would like to make you all happy (Maybe I should have added a #13…Making everyone else happy to keep the peace….hummmm) by saying I am going to take all these frustrations  and turn them into motivation to make thing better!!! (((INSERT big old cheezy face equipped with open eyes and fake smile….and 2 thumbs up!))). But honestly…im not there yet. (AND my Papa Johns Cart is still in tact…with my Discover card Payment info filled in…all I need to do is press “Submit Order”)   I sent a chat to my lovely neice…she was loss or words. But when someone as I feels like this, theres nothing really to say, Sometimes we dont need a pep talk. We don’t want “Tough Love”. We just need to be. Unfortunatly, my mind spinns like this often…sometimes more rapidly then others. Sometimes I cry so much I cant catch my breath. Sometimes I have to walk into work with my head down because my eyes are swolen and red, only to have to turn on “Joyful Manager Stephanie”. Its tiring. Its daunting, Its my life. 

    Now that I have laid it all out here…I hope that it dosent turn into a bash me session. I HOPE someone reads this and knows that the feelings they have ARE VALID. They are REAL. They are ACCEPTABLE. The only lesson I want to give you is to keep pushing through it. Its how you react to this clusterfuck of feelings. We can have them….but we cant bathe in them for long.  Will Life still trow you and I curve balls??? Absofreekenlutly! But I have to keep practicing how to keep moving forward! Thats the key…Keep practicing on being better then 5 mins ago. Keep practicing on how to learn from each mistake and know mistakes that keep repeating are habbits! Bad Habbits, unlike promises, are meant to be broken.  Practice makes perfect (Well…not perfect…but closer to bad bitch status) In case no one has told you today,I LOVE YOU!!! TTYS Luxe Babes! xoxo ~Stephanie