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    3 Amazingly sexy looks you can rock for Valentines Day! | Feat. Sonsee

    Well Hello Luxe Babes!

    I wanted to drop a few looks for you guys since Valentine’s day is just around the corner! I cented the looks around a closet staple we all have (Or should have…wink Wink!), the Little Black dress! I will refer to this as the “LBD” through out this post So I’m not going to smother you with my witty commentary hugs and my sarcastic kisses Although…I know you like it…lol…Lets get to it! Oh!! And there is a surprise at the end of this post…so keep reading!

    First Off…lets talk about this LBD!

    Sonsee Black Long Sleeve little black dress
    Sonsee Long Sleeve Black Slip/ Dress

    The LBD…or shall I say LBS (Little Black Slip) is from Sonsee! They are an awesome company that has mastered the art of comfortable shapewear. They have a vas selection or under garments to suit your everyday needs. I’m even wearing their shapewear under this dress! Lets get back to the dress! Here is a description from the Site:
    “A must-have wardrobe essential. This long sleeve slip is made to support your body and every curve with stretch fabric that’s flattering and comfortable…but lightweight fabric that won’t overheat. If you’re a traveller, or need something that works in every climate, make this slip your new best friend. Pair it with tights of any denier, boots or sandals.”

    So here is me (A real Body…) in the Slip/dress! I am not what is deemed by society the perfect Plus Size body. I have plenty of roles and a tummy! I do have on the light Shapewear from Sonsee as well. And YES, and there are still some rolls left! BUT this keeps me from “Jiggling” as I move throughout my day! And it’s super Comfy! I’ll also post a pic of those below. Sonsee has everything from Hosery to Day-Bras to Shapewear! Check them out!

    Sonsee Shapewear shorts
    Sonsee Slip Dress
    Sonsee Slip/Dress

    Running Morning Errands Cuteness!

    Its Valentines Day morning…you have to take the kids to school, run a few errands or just want to run out to grab some coffee. I got you boo! An yes, your LBD can come along for the ride! I decided to layer this look by adding an oversized xersion Long-sleeve Tee that I knotted in the front to take away some of the volume. I topped that off with a dope Camo jacket from JustFab . I accessorized with my Go-to Adidas and my Arcadia Tote.

    Plus size Little Black dress Sonsee Long Sleeved Slip / dress, JustFab Plus SIze Camo Jacket, Marshalls Pink Plus Size Active Top, Marshalls Arcadia Italian Leather Bag

    Sonsee Long Sleeved Slip / dress, JustFab Plus SIze Camo Jacket, Marshalls Pink Plus Size Active Top, Marshalls Arcadia Italian Leather Bag

    Sonsee Long Sleeved Slip / dress, JustFab Plus SIze Camo Jacket, Marshalls Pink Plus Size Active Top, Marshalls Arcadia Italian Leather Bag

    Casual Lunch with the Girls (Or that guy…)!

    So you and the girls decided to go out for lunch (Or your Boo, or just you…Hunni…I don’t know your life!lol!) and you want a casual look that says “Im Edgy but i have a girly romantic side too”. This look will do the trick. Same LBD, I paired it with a pair of sneakers (Sold Out, bur here is a similar pair) from Justfab. The jacket if from Kate and Mallory from Evine (I linked an alternative, since this style is sold out as well!). The Clear CrossBody bag is from JustFab! The inside is a cute clutch I had from awhile back, but if you want to keep your contents hidden (Which I suggest…), I would use cure Makeup bags or clutches that compliment the look your rocking to hold your contents.

    Plus size little black dress Sonsee Long Sleeve dress, Evine Kate And Mallory, JustFab Clear Crossbody, Yoins Stripped Clutch, JustFab Blush pink sneakers

    Sonsee Long Sleeve dress, Evine Kate And Mallory, JustFab Clear Crossbody, Yoins Stripped Clutch, JustFab Blush pink sneakers

    Sonsee Long Sleeve dress, Evine Kate And Mallory JustFab Blush pink sneakers


    I had to bring you a sophisticated look for you guys! I Paired our LBD with a Chic Gray Kimono Sweater from Target (Click HERE for an alternative! I Just bought this a month ago, you might still be able to find it in stores). The Shoes and the clutch are from Just Fab (Alternatives Linked). You will feel put together and chic for your dinner date…and the subtle pops of blush will add just the right touch or romance!

    Plus size little black dress Target Cardigan, Sonsee Long Sleeve dress, JustFab Tassel Clutch/ Crossbody Bag JustFab Blush Platform pump

    Target Cardigan, Sonsee Long Sleeve dress, JustFab Tassel Clutch/ Crossbody Bag JustFab Blush Platform pump

    Target Cardigan, Sonsee Long Sleeve dress, JustFab Tassel Clutch/ Crossbody Bag JustFab Blush Platform pump

    Ok Luxe Babes! Are you ready for a Coupon code!!! I See you Lookin like Yaaaassss!!!

    Sonsee* was generous enough to give me a $20.00 off coupon code! YES! $20 off you entire purchase! THAT’S A STILL PEOPLE!! Use the code “LUXE20″ and go an purchase the most comfortable Intimates that are out there! You will feel amazing! CLICK HERE TO START SHOPPING!!!

    Comment below and let me know which V-Day look was your Favorite! Remember that you don’t need a Beau… Just DRESS FOR YOU!!

    Till Next Time Luxe Babes!



    *(Note, this is not a sponsored post, Sonsee was generous to give me a coupon code upon request! Thank you again to Sonsee for your generosity!)




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    3 Tips on how to be stress free on Black Friday!

    Hi Luxe Babes!

    So…it’s that time of year again! We are preparing for Thanksgiving, getting our homes in order, makeing grocery list and checking them twice! Your Guest will come over (Or you will be heading over to someone’s home) and you will eat and be merry! As the evening wraps up, you will wind down and then realize that the next day is Black Friday and YOU HAVE TO GO CHRISTMAS SHOPPING!!! Right? Well…not really.

    Times have changed. Years ago, I remember people standing in line at Retailors at 3am, freezing their but offs tring to purchase one of 3 $79.99 TV’s. There are some stores that still use the first come first serve method. It’s very antiquated and becoming rare. The truth is, Black Friday is already in Full effect and the Honey Baked Ham had not even grazed your lips yet!

    Bonus Tip off the Rip: Shop Discount Stores FIRST for less traffic!

    Now, If you still feel like it’s tradition to hit the streets at 5am but don’t Want to deal with the craziness at the stores, shop discount retailers FIRST, Like Marshalls, TJMaxx, Ross, Burlington and so on. Most of them don’t do Doorbusters or Sales, so people flock to them after they hit the regular department/ Big Box type stores. You get to shop in peace and will be back in bed snackin on a Turkey and Cranberry Sandwich before you know it!


    Tip #1: Take Advantage of Online Pre-Black Friday Sales

    I Know what your thinking, What if it is cheaper on Black Friday? I Get it. But the truth is, it might not be either. Black Friday is designed to lure you into the stores. There is a chance that that $79.99 TV might sell out very quickly. The concept is, most consumers will adopt a “Well, as long as I’m here…” attitude and take a look around the store anyway an end up making a purchase anyway. THAT’S THE POINT!! THEY GOT YOU SIS! 


    The Fix: Online Shop (In yo P.Js!)

    Make a cup of coffee or Tea…Check your email and subscribe to your Favorite Retailers Email updates (You can always unsubscribe afterwards…BUT who wants to miss a sale?). They will often have Pre-Black Friday Sales that are worth taking advantage of for One reason: AVAILABILITY OF PRODUCT! As a Plus-Size woman, I always fear of my size selling out because I was waiting till the last minute. So play our cards accordingly…if your size sells out on the regular…dont wait till some miraculous Black Friday deal comes out. Bonus Tip: Create/Log in to your accounts on the retailers site. Add Items that you are coveting to your shopping bag. Most retailers will save your cart. Check your cart often. When a Great Deal pops up, your cart will already be loaded and you can just apply your code and Check out! Remember, there are going to be thousands or even millions of customers on the site you will be prepared for site glitches and slowdowns. (That being said….the earlier you shop, the less site traffic you have to deal with!)

    Here are a Few Emails I got AS I WAS WRITING THIS BLOG POST!! HURRY! lol!! (Click Photos for Site Links!)



    Tip 2: Use Coupon Code Sites

    This might seem like a DUH moment, but SO MANY people don’t even know about places like DOSH,  Ebates,  and Retail Me Not ! There are SOOO many apps out there that can give you all the current coupon codes AND help you recieve cash back on your purchases! I will say that when you use these sites, you may have to apply a few coupon codes to get the best option. Ebates, if added to your internet toolbar, will auto apply all the codes and apply the one with the most savings (If any). 

    The Fix: Get to downloading Babe!

    Take a few minutes (NOW! Your already Late!!) to sign up and download some apps. Also check with your Banks and Credit card companies (Cash App included) to see if they have what I call store “Boosters” that help you earn cash back or get instant savings when you are shopping! I know the Cash App Card, Delta CU has some and AMEX has some awesome stores on their list! Be resourceful!

    Tip #3 Stop feeling Obligated!

    I am tapping into my own heart right now. I know that man of us feel obligated to take this time to purchase these “Things” at a heavy discount because otherwise, we couldn’t afford it. Well the reality, there are a lot of us who really cant afford to buy everyone a christmas gift, even if it is at a discount. Now, I myself tend to use this time of year to boost up my wardrobe for cold weather (Specially since I’ve gained weight!). I recommend really looking at your budget and seriously think about weather or not you can truly afford to spend money. You begin shopping for one person, then get guilty about not getting another person a gift…and so on. You are not doing yourself a favor buy using money you really cant spare or going into (Or further) into debt to “make someone happy”.

    The Fix: Zoom in on the reason for the Season

    I first suggest (Its a little too late now…) to plan for your Holiday gift giving. Create a Cash Sink Fund. A Sink Fund is specific Savings for an inevitable specific purchase. You know Christmas is on December 25th EVERY YEAR. You can bet on it! Create a budget and pay towards it early in the year. The Second thing I want you to do is take the amount you saved, create a Gift giving list and assign each person a specific value budget. This does not mean you have to spend every cent in this budget, but it allows you to control your spending. Add Gift Ideas to this budget so that you have options and don’t get overwhelmed. This goes for your kids as well. Now, if you just can’t spend a lot of money, give freshly baked goods, handmade Items, Service Coupons (Babysitting, Organizing, or another skill) or JUST GOOD OLE PLAIN OLD LOVE!! Don’t let anyone ever tell you your love is not enough. If it isn’t, this person simply does not need to be in your life. 


    The “Wrap” up! (See what I did there…)

    I hope these tips help you soothe your Black Friday whoas! Now, I get that if you follow me, you are looking for Style Advice and the go-to places to shop! That’s why I aim to show a variety of places to shop. BUT I wanted to make sure my readers know that we ALL have different budgets and that’s perfectly ok! I encourage you to dig deep…really deep. Offer the gift of Love to your family and friend. Call them more often. Schedule a few Holiday Coffee dates. Cook or Bake for them. Crochet a blanket…make a bracelet…Frame a special photo! Christmas is not about who gives the best physical gift. Its about feeling the warmth and love we feel from Family and Friends. 

    Special Note: This is also the season of Seasonal Depression…and as this phrase is starting to seem cliche, but PLEASE check on your Strong Friends! People need to feel loved…like they belong. R.I.P to all who took their lives this 2018…and prayers to the people they left behind.

    Till Next Time Luxe Babes,


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    3 Tips on how to shop at Rainbow as a Plus Size Woman!

    Hey Luxe Babes! 

    I wanted to share with you a couple of items that I purchased from from Rainbow Apparel, as well as 3 tips on how to choose what to order! I will be honest…I have for a long time, ruled out Rainbow because I felt that the clothing was basically disposable clothing, which tends not to look good on what I call a “Perfect Plus Size” Body Types.

    Let me explain. I feel like if you are not a “Perfect Plus” size person, its hard not to look sloppy in clothing. I define “Perfect Plus” as someone who has a smooth curvy frame, most of the time your an hourglass in shape. This person has very few prominent  rolls, lumps and bumps. Now I AM IN NO WAY SAYING what I call a “Perfect Plus” frame is better then, well, any other frame. I coined that phrase/description for the average model that you see in Ads and on websites. Sadly…a lot of fit models are that perfect plus shape as well, and thats IF that brand even has a Fit Model!  I know i’m still going to get some backlash about using the term “Perfect” but…well…ummmm…FIGHT ME! lol!

    Anywho!!!! Let’s get back to the point. Rainbow came through for your sis!! I ordered only 3 items (Ya girl is on a tight budget!) and 2 out of 3 were perfect! Not Bad huh?

    Know the difference between JUNIOR PLUS and REGULAR Plus BEFORE Before you even start adding to the cart! I would definitely say the Rainbow leans more to Junior Plus…SO Size Up babes!!

    Ok… (Steps off of soap box…) LegGO!


    Tip 1: Try to choose a great basic!

    If you purchase a pair of cheaper denim, in a lot of cases, the more distressing, whickering, embellishments it had, the cheaper it look! Now, I will say, Rainbow has some super cute distressed Jeans, but PLEASE, I beg of you, be carefull! I got a basic pair of jeans that I have already got sooooooo much use out of! They fit so well (Size 20) and I like the medium weight of them. They are made by Almost Famous ($22.99). They have just enough stretch to accommodate my fluffy waist as well as my very curvy thighs and legs. The length is perfect for a simple small roll of the cuff to show off a sandal or a bootie or you can wear it full length. The color is a medium Blue with a flattering grained denim finish (Makes them look more Luxe) and does not have a whole lot of unnecessary over-the-top shading and whiskering! Ill create another post talking about what I look for in jeans…but there are my new favorite Jean! 

    Almost Famous Push Up Jeans
    Almost Famous Push Up Jeans
    Almost Famous Push Up Jeans
    Almost Famous Push Up Jeans



    Tip #2: Pay Attention to Fabric.

     The 2nd Item I purchased was this super cute cotton wrap top! I purchased a Size 3x because my upper arms are usually a trouble area to fit, and I felt like I could always tighten the wrap feature. I’m so glad I did because it was a perfect fit (With no room for error! LOL!)! I feel like because this was a cotton fabric, it looked and felt more expensive then it was. Some polyester fabrics tend to look a little cheezy, specially if its that shiny poly! SO please pay attention to Finishes of the fabric. Read the description and zoom in honey!! 





    A Few Full Body Photos! (Shoes: Vince Camuto)


    Rainbow Red Bell Sleeved Top with Almost Famous Jeans


    Tip #3: Know that everything might not work!
    Rainbow Plus Size Tie Waist Duster
    Rainbow Plus Size Tie waist Duster (Sold Out)
    The 3rd item I ordered is this cute Duster! I saw another Youtuber (Shainna from A Thick Girls Closet! Subscribe to her, shes awesome!). She looked super cute in it! But she is smaller in her arm region, that’s why I Sized up (Purchased a 3x). NOPE! Did Not work! So ill just either sell it (Its sold out online) Or hold on to it to see if I could fit in in at a later date. I’m SO trying not to do that because I am a “Ill get into it soon” hoarder! LOL! but I’ll insert a stock photo of it. Its too cute!
    Understand that shopping online can be a gamble sometimes BUT if you only shop brick and Mortar (Whats in stores) you are seriously limiting your self!
    Don’t say I didn’t tell you… Momma told you…(Insert Cardi. B Child Meme)


    I Hope these 3 tips (Specially the Bonus tip) help you navigate and choose wisely pertaining Rainbows Plus Size section. Of course you can ventur in store to shop, but I will say online carries a Waaaaayyyyy more vast Plus Size collection! When you get a good feel about sizing and material that a site carries, you will feel better about taking more shopping risks the 2nd or 3rd time around!  You can use these tips at any other lower priced retailer! Let me know what you think about the items I chose! Should I do another Rainbow Haul?? I would love to hear your thoughts so comment below!
    Till Next Time Luxe Babes!
    Photo Credit: Russell Gilliam of Ingenious Images Photography