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    In all Seriousness…you ARE NOT ALONE! (And a cute Fall Walmart Plus Size Dress!…)

    In all Seriousness
    My life has been a tad bit complicated…nothing that I can ever seem to eloquently express.

    I, as many people, paint a smile in my face to deal with the day to day. The more I do this I trick myself into thinking…hoping…praying all will be ok.

    There are days when anguish covers me and im internally fighting. I OFTEN Laugh to keep from crying.

    BOTTOM LINE is that I used to feel bad about feeling my feelings…and very much ashamed to express them. People who don’t know me know me think I have it all together…people whom I allow myself voluranabilty…know that I’m constantly… trying to mend myself.

    They think they know all that is there to know, but I find it hard to express my full self. To know what to disclose and what is not worth it…because they wouldn’t understand anyway…right?
    These things make you feel crazy!
    How dare I struggle with anxiety and stress and OCD AND procrastination/Laziness? And Stephanie…if you know these things are your “issues” …why don’t you just fix them?
    Girl..you have a job…your own home…a car…food to eat (sometimes…too much!)
    The entitlement!!!!

    I dont write these words for sympathy…I write these words AS THERAPY…and so my sisters out here know you are not alone!

    This is my answer to all the “if you ever need to talk girl!!” End of fluffy conversations that a lot of us clichely add when we depart.

    So If you you want to talk…comment below. I’m here with you sis…..NOW!

    Love yall!

    Stay Luxe…while plus.. and Live Life!

    Xoxo Stephanie

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  • BooHoo Plus size Chain Printed Shirt Dress
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    3 Fall Must Have Plus Size Dresses from BooHoo!

    Hey Luxe Babes!

    September 23rd was the first day of Autumn and in Atlanta we have lows of 63 degrees and highs of 94 IN THE SAME DAY!!!! (Insert hand clap emojis!) So I know some of you ladies and gents are prepping for Fall, but still feeling the heat! This wont be a super long post, but I want to show you 3 Fall transition dresses from BOOHOO that are GREAT for this warm “Fall” weather, and will having you look the part AND still be weather appropriate!

    My First look is this Versace print inspired Chain Printed Shirt Dress ! It is such a Hot Girl Fall look…its both Edgy and Glam and I LOVE IT!!! This shirt dress could easily wear it as a topper for a pair of Leather leggings or even a pair of wide-leg trousers or jeans! Add a tank top or even a belt to complete the look! I Love a piece you can wear Multiple ways! (If you want me to style this more ways, comment below! I Paired it with a pair of Red Vince Camuto Healed sandals (QVC I think…) and a Red Ralph Lauren Cross body (Marshalls)!

    BooHoo Plus size chain link Shirt dress
    BooHoo Plus size chain link Shirt dress
    BooHoo Plus size chain link Shirt dress

    The Second look is a nod to Parisian fashion, and this just happens too be Paris Fashion week! I can totally see me walking the streets of Paris, looking for the next spot to eat a buttery Croissant! LOL! So, This ruffled wrap dress is in a super cute forest green and has white polka dots! Its called the Spotty Wrap Skater Dress), and INDEED it shows a little leg! I paired this dress with a Italian Bag from Marshalls. A Golden Yellow Beret from JustFAB ( <<Click here for a discount on your first order) I also wore a cute pair of White Loafers from Poshmark! I love the Mood this look gives and its comfortable and easy! When it cools down, pair this look with a pair if Tan or brown over the knee boots and maybe a Tan poncho or a classic trench!

    BooHoo Plus Size green and white  Dot Print Ruffelled Skater Dress
    BooHoo Plus Size green and white  Dot Print Ruffelled Skater Dress

    BooHoo Plus Size green and white  Dot Print Ruffelled Skater Dress

    The 3rd look was this SUPER pretty and feminine Floral Satin ruffle wrap dress! I felt amazing in this dress! I always suggest having a go-to wrap style dress for every season! You WONT be dissapointed! This dress hit my curves in just the right way. I Paired this dress with a pair of SUPER CUTE White booties from :::GASP::: Walmart Time @ True! Walmart is KILLING the Fashion game lately! I think I will find a dope pair of Earth-toned snake-print boots and a leather jacket to pull this look together for colder weather!

    BooHoo Plus Size Floral Satin Wrap Dress
    BooHoo Plus Size Floral Satin Wrap Dress
    BooHoo Plus Size Floral Satin Wrap Dress

    Thank You for stopping by today! What was your favorite dress from BooHoo? Comment below!
    I think I honestly cant decide! Each on has such a different vibe!
    And as always! Stay Beautifully You!


    Photographer: Russell Gilliam from Ingenious Images (He’s Awesome! Check him out!